9/12/2022 - Justin Kauflin Trio Digital Release Out Next Week

Justin Kauflin Trio Digital Release Out Next Week

Dear Friends of Sam First,

Sam First Records is moving into the final stages of production on our first project with pianist/composer Justin Kauflin. We are delighted to share that the digital download of Justin's album will be available next week! To pre-purchase and get access to other perks of this project, visit the offers page.

Each Sam First Records project is powered by unique sales offers that are made available to you, the fans. These offers include an autographed, one-of-a-kind test pressing of the album, prominent credit listing on the inner sleeve of the record packaging and Sam First Records website, a private concert with the Justin Kauflin Trio, and access to the exclusive "Justin Kauflin Narrated Listening Guide"- a video where Kauflin plays examples from a carefully curated selection of tunes and explains what it is about these particular tracks that have inspired his music.

Additionally, offers at all levels enables access to the complete Sam First Records Project Experience- an episodic video series focused on the personalities and the creative process behind this music. In Episode 1, "Music In The Making", Kauflin focuses on the healing power of music and how it helped him through losing his sight at the age of eleven.

Visit the offers page to join the experience.


The Sam First Records Team