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project highlights

  • Prominent credit listing on the inner sleeve of the record packaging and the Sam First Records website.
  • A private concert with the Justin Kauflin Trio, in person at Sam First, or at another acceptable location, for you and up to 20 of your friends.
  • An autographed, one-of-a-kind test pressing of the album
  • The exclusive "Justin Kauflin Narrated Listening Guide"- a video where Kauflin plays examples from a carefully curated selection of tunes and explains what it is about these particular tracks that have inspired his music
  • One-on-one private lesson with Justin Kauflin, in person or online.

"Something that I’ve really grown to cherish about music is its ability to heal and its ability to help us transition in difficult times. After losing my sight by the age of 11, I noticed that the power of the music to transport me was incredible.

Fast-forward to this last year... we’re just not sure what to make of everything going on around us. And again, I’ve found that music is… the best! It really is. There’s just no replacement for it. There’s no comparing what music and sharing music can do.

Now, getting ready to record this live album, I feel this really beautiful opportunity to take that a step further and actually share this kind of approach and this hope for healing with a couple of other musicians... to let the space and the breath help guide us as we make this music together.

-Justin Kauflin

At 35 years young, Justin Kauflin has already produced eight albums as a leader, has appeared on at least 25 additional albums as sideman or guest artist and has recorded 48 original compositions for albums and film. It’s no surprise that Justin is both a Quincy Jones Artist and Yamaha artist.

While a student at William Paterson University in New Jersey, Justin not only had the great fortune of studying with piano icons Mulgrew Miller and Harold Mabern, but was also taken under the wings of legendary trumpeter, Clark Terry, who subsequently asked Justin to join his band. Justin's relationship with Mr. Terry was chronicled for five years to create the award-winning film, Keep On Keepin' On, a documentary that even made the Oscar's Short List.

Clark Terry is also responsible for having introduced Justin to one of his first students, legendary producer and music icon, Quincy Jones, who quickly signed Justin for management with the Quincy Jones Agency and has since been an integral figure in Justin’s musical journey.

We invite you to share this next step of Justin’s journey as he embarks on his first ever live recording on October 2 and 3, 2021.